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"If you love someone and they make you happy they put a sparkle in your heart. I have a sparkle in my heart for you & Kindermusik."

Araminta (4 years)
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Cuddle and Bounce - Newborn to 1 year olds
Sing and Play - 1 to 2 year olds
Wiggle and Grow - 2 to 3 year olds
Laugh and Learn - 3 to 4 year olds
Move and Groove - 4 to 6 year olds
Piano Lessons - Ages 6+
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Kindermusik - A good beginning never ends
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The Kindermusik Radio app provides parents with a way to engage and interact with their children - at home, on the go, anywhere.


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Kindermusik activities at Home

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Online Portal to Kindermusik

Interactive fun to be enjoyed at home...

Because of Kindermusik's belief that the home is where learning takes root and grows, your course fees include unique, high quality resources (a fresh set for each 4-weekly unit). This includes access to Kindermusik's specially designed online portal called Kindermusik@Home.

Kindermusik@Home contains Kindermusik songs and activities, music, books, and lyrics—as well as recipes, learning games for kids, crafts, and more. The music includes a wide selection of age-appropriate classical music, jazz, opera, choral music, lullabies, multicultural folk music, and prize-winning children's recordings that your child will love listening to again and again. This can be downloaded to your computer, burned to CD and/or streamed to your smart phone/pad/tablet, so you are never without it.

Children (and parents) can interact with videos, printable activity pages, stories, music, games and more! The Kindermusik@Home portal is built specifically to make it fun and easy for parents to connect class-time to home-time and to enrich both experiences.


Educational activities on Kindermusik@Home include:

  • Music downloads: songs, rhymes, stories and sounds from class
  • Literature book in e-book format, flip through pages, turn audio on or off
  • The 'Why It's Good For Your Child' area – provides information for parents about why these educational activities for children are useful, important and/or developmentally significant.
  • Download Centre provides Printable Activity Pages and Printable Lyrics Pages for all of the songs in the unit.
  • Activity buttons lead to a variety of different activity types – dance and movement instructions; finger-play demonstrations and instructions; together-in-the-kitchen activities; music time; listening games; vocal play activities; video field trips; find-it/count-it style activities; ideas for pretend play and more!

The time you spend with your child now is absolutely critical for development throughout their life. This is your window of opportunity to shape your child's future development. The Kindermusik@Home online resource is your invitation to spend fun and enriching moments with your child NOW when it is so important.

Limiting Screen Time 

What about limiting screen time?

Although Kindermusik@Home is accessible on mobile devices, tablets, and computers, many of the activities help parents take the learning offline – encouraging families to make a craft like a homemade instrument or a daybook, dance and imitate what they see on screen, or go out on a field trip. Kindermusik recognizes the sensitivity to screen time. To learn more about proper use of screen time, view the joint position statement of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning on using technology and interactive media as early education tools.


Activity Example

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